2015 NFL Football Week 1 DraftKings Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown


The first week of the NFL 2015 /2016 daily fantasy sports season is in the books and what a great weekend of exciting sports action and huge DFS payouts it was. An overtime game, a last minute come from behind victory, two Monday Night football games among other highlights all made week 1 of this NFL football season memorable. As is becoming customary for daily fantasy sports the start to the NFL season saw DFS operators setting the bar high and fans frolicking in the action. The first week of any professional sports league as always can be a bit unpredictable and this opening NFL weekend was no different. With positions like Tight End doing some of the most daily fantasy sports scoring damage fame and fortune was certainly up in the air and left to a variety of variables. Lets review one of the most talked about and participated in tournaments of the weekend to get a feel for just what is to come this NFL year. The “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” was certainly one for the record books.

An Inside Look Into The Winning $10M Millionaire Maker DraftKings Lineup

A $2,000,000 million dollar first place prize and a $1,000,000 million dollar second place price the “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” was an amazing tournament with life changing money on the line. This incredible daily fantasy sports tournament drew 520,448 DFS lineup entries at a buy in price of $20 per entry. With $10,000,000 million dollars up for grabs the daily fantasy sports superstars were sure to come out and that they did. Most of the big name DFS competitors played and boasting a 500 entry cap you can rest assured many had many lineups taking a shot at the huge first place grand prize. The name that was able to emerge as the victor was “BALLAH” utilizing his second lineup entry and posting a winning score of 228.04 (less than a 1 point difference separated first and second and a million dollars in cash). Let’s take a look at the players he picked to build his NFL football daily fantasy sports team and what propelled him to this amazing victory and financial score of a lifetime.

Draftkings NFL Millionaire maker live scoring

The Winning $10M Millionaire Maker DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Team:

Position 1: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Quarterback (QB):

Tony Romo (27.14 Pts) 3 PaTD, 356 PaYds, -1 RuYds, 2 INT, 1 300+Pass

Making yet another come from behind victory Tony Romo impressed once again.  Winning the game on a last second pass to Jason Whitten, Romo proved beyond a doubt he is one of the best comeback quarterbacks of the modern football era.  After a few turnovers and Dez Bryant leaving the game in the 4th quarter things looked bleak for the Cowboys but in the end they where able to pull off yet another miracle victory on the gridiron.  These last minute heroics certainly were a huge part of getting Tony a nice padded daily fantasy sports points total of 27.14 points.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Late Game Luck / Performance Can Make A Difference

Position 2: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

Carlos Hyde (35.2 Pts) 2 RuTD, 14 RecYds, 168 RuYds, 2 REC, 1 100+Rush

Hyde had a great game and really showcased his talents on Monday Night football against a seemingly pretty weak Vikings defense.  Looks like Carlos will be a big part of the 49’ers offense this and should remain reasonably priced until he starts consistently putting up big numbers.  Great under the radar pick and made for incredible sweat as Hyde is who pretty much brought home the title for “BALLAH” finishing the football weekend off by posting huge numbers in the last game of NFL week 1.  His second lowest owned overall pick at 5.3% this was the perfect hidden gem at running back this past weekend.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Low Owned Running Backs Can Bring Big Upsides

Position 3: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

Chris Ivory (23 Pts) 2 RuTD, 9 RecYds, 91 RuYds, 1 REC

Ivory was on a lot of peoples to play daily fantasy sports lists and after scoring 23 daily fantasy football points we can see now there was good reason why.  A major focus of the Jets offense and someone who is a versatile back that gets a lot of touches in the Red Zone Chris a running back we may be able to rely on week after week in DFS.  At 17.2% owned it was hardly a contrary play but Ivory was only $4100 so his price was right given the potential.  While he did not quit get to a 100 yards like we want to see our RB do it still was a smart play that paid off.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Cheaper Priced Running Backs Can Have Big Games

Position 4: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

John Brown (14.6 Pts) 1 RecTD, 46 RecYds, 4 REC

The lowest scoring player in this daily fantasy sports lineup Brown was supposed to do big things after a stellar NFL preseason but could not pull off a big game for the Cardinals despite Carson Palmer looking very impressive.  Pretty slow start for the highly touted receiver but at his price and given the offense he is in JB could a solid DFS pick for NFL weeks to come.  He did redeem his day by scoring a touchdown so they are looking for him in the end zone which is always a good thing for any NFL DFS  wideout pick.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Sometimes Highly Regarded Value Plays Do Not Work Out

Position 5: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Julio Jones (38.1 Pts) 2 RecTD, 141 RecYds, 9 REC, 1 100+Rec

Not much to say other then Jones is amazing at Football.  If you do not have him on your NFL daily fantasy sports team every week you are playing with fire.  Julio was worth every penny of his $9000+ price tag and had near 30 daily fantasy sports points by halftime.  With Matt Ryan behind him and healthy Roddy White on his side at WR to take away some pressure we should be seeing some huge numbers this year in DFS by one of the best wide receivers in the game.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Top Players Who Consistently Perform Are Worth The Price

Position 6: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Jarvis Landry (20.7 Pts) 53 RecYds, 14 RuYds, 8 REC, 1 PuntTD

As the Miami Dolphins number once passing target and receiving twelve targets last weekend Landry got the chances but did not really do anything of note.  No big play catches as he only racked up 53 yards on 8 catches.  He is a multi way threat and his punt return TD saved an otherwise dud of a day for Jarvis.  Do not expect that too happen often but Landry still may be one to watch as he is pretty much the focal point of the Dolphins offense.  Only time will tell if this pick makes sense in the future and what his DFS lineup pricing should be.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Don’t Rely On Punt Return Points on DraftKings

Position 7: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Tight End (TE):

Tyler Eifert (34.4 Pts) 2 RecTD, 104 RecYds, 9 REC, 1 100+Rec

His lowest owned player and his third highest scoring player, Eifert really came through for those daily fantasy sports players that picked him for the Tight End position.  It was an enormous weekend for Tight Ends in daily fantasy sports and Eifert was a big part of the surprises.  Looks like TE’s may be picking up importance on some teams and may be ones to watch this year due to their often great lineup pricing points.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Tight Ends Might Become A Hidden Source For Huge Points

Position 8: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – FLEX:

Eddie Lacy (17.9 Pts) 1 RuTD, 14 RecYds, 85 RuYds, 2 REC

The most tournament owned player on the winning team at 24% Lacy had a disappointing day by his standards.  We should be able to expect much better days then this from Lacy and as a back who can run and catch entrenched in a high powered offense behind Aaron Rodgers Lacy should be providing plenty of great daily fantasy sports scoring days to come.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Star Running Backs In The FLEX Position Work On Off Days

Position 9: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Defense (D):

Jets (17 Pts) 3 SACK, 1 INT, 4 DFR, 1 7-13 PA

A favored team at home with the lowest Las Vegas odds over / under total can always be a strong play for DraftKings daily fantasy sports defense and we see it pay dividends here.  Also a middle priced defense the Jets were a great pick and the resulting 17 DFS points shows why.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Vegas Odds Can Be A Method For Picking DFS Defenses

Other 2015 / 2016 NFL Football Daily Fantasy Sports DraftKings Standout Performers

Matt Forte (30.6 Pts) 1 RuTD, 25 RecYds, 141 RuYds, 5 REC, 1 100+Rush

Keenan Allen (34.6 Pts) 166 RecYds, 15 REC, 1 100+Rec

Kendall Wright (23.1 Pts) 1 RecTD, 101 RecYds, 4 REC, 1 100+Rec

DeAndre Hopkins (32.8 Pts) 2 RecTD, 98 RecYds, 9 REC, 1 2PT

Jordan Matthews (23.2 Pts) 102 RecYds, 10 REC, 1 100+Rec

Ameer Abdullah (19.4 Pts) 1 RuTD, 44 RecYds, 50 RuYds, 4 REC

Austin Seferian-Jenkins (31 Pts) 2 RecTD, 110 RecYds, 5 REC, 1 100+Rec

Stevie Johnson (20.2 Pts) 1 RecTD, 82 RecYds, 6 REC

Marcus Mariota (24.96 Pts) 4 PaTD, 209 PaYds, 6 RuYds

Carson Palmer (28.68 Pts) 3 PaTD, 307 PaYds, 14 RuYds, 1 300+Pass

Panthers Defense (21 Pts) 5 SACK, 2 INT, 1 DFR, 1 DefTD, 1 7-13 PA

Well that wraps up our NFL Draft Kings week 1 “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” winning lineup roundup and congrats again to “BALLAH” for taking down the 2 million dollar first place prize!!! Do you think you have what it takes to make winning DraftKings NFL daily fantasy sports lineups?  Sign up for account at DraftKings today and see if you can punch your ticket to that next million dollar daily fantasy sports payday…

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