2015’s Top 10 MLB Outfielders

As Baseball season kicks off we are going to take a look at the top outfielders in Major League Baseball. Many teams have great players in the outfield but very few have true 5 tool outfielders who can change the dynamics of a game with their bat and glove. This is a list of the top 10 outfielders in the Majors.

10.  Colorado Rockies: Corey Dickerson – Dickerson hit 24 homeruns and had 76 RBI for the often inept Colorado Rockies. Dickerson is looking like a top 10 fantasy prospect that could produce in every category this season. Dickerson was one of the more consistent Rockies players outside of Carlos Gonzalez to produce on a nightly basis. Dickerson will likely continue to fill in at the 4 spot for the Rockies this year and he should look to improve on his .361 BA , 2 HR and 10 RBI he has amassed through 9 games in 2015.

9. Toronto Blue Jays: Jose Bautista – Bautista has become known as one of the better power hitters in the game. Last season Bautista continued to roll. He hit 35 HR and drove in 103 RBI for the Blue Jays who still managed to come up short of the playoffs in 2014. Bautista has looked like one of the more productive and consistent players in MLB as of late and his continued success should only help the Blue Jays move up from an 83- 79 record in 2014. Through 9 games this season Bautista is 5/29 with 2 HR , 6 RBI and 9 Runs driven in.

8. New York Yankees: Jacoby Ellsbury  – After the New York Yankees went 84-78 last year they were looking for reasons why come the off season. One of the only things all coaches and managers could agree on was that Jacoby Ellsbury might as well be the best player on the team now that Derek Jeter has retired. Ellsbury had a strong 2014  showing for a guy who failed to measure up to his .300 BA from the year before and his 52 SB.Ellsbury did display some of the power he showed us from his 2011 season . He finished  2014 with 16 HR and 70 RBI while batting .271 from the plate. If Ellsbury can stay healthy and manage to keep his At Bats up he has the ability and potential to go for 25 HR and 90 RBI.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers: Yaisel Puig – Puig is one of the most explosive young players in Major League Baseball today. He has a great glove and has proven to be a more than capable everyday player despite his tender age. Puig has been able to get on base early in his career because he has mastered what pitch he chooses to hit. He has come a long way but he is one of the few players on this list who could easily rocket up by the end of the season to #2 or 3. Puig is currently batting .222 on 6 /27 he has hit 2 HR and amassed 3 RBI over a 6 game span this season. Puig has all the potential in the world and has already proven to be a potential gold glove winner in right field. His electrifying diving catches and frozen rope throws have made him a real hero in the eyes of the Dodgers fans. Puig is a 5 tool player without a doubt, If he can raise his 16 HR number from last year to around 19 like he did in 2013 he should be more than able to have a break out year.

6. Baltimore Orioles : Adam Jones –  The 29 year old Jones is accepted as one of the best hitter in Major League Baseball. Jones hit .281 with 29 HR and 96 RBI in 2014 while leading the Baltimore Orioles to 96-66 overall record and another playoff appearance. Jones has already started his 2015 season on a tear. In 9 games is 13/32 and has hit 4 HR with 11 RBI. Jones has already gone on a streak of hitting 4 HR’s in 5 games. If he can keep this pace up he may be looking at his first 40 HR season and 2nd 100 RBI campaign.

5. Milwaukee Brewers : Ryan Braun – Braun has a had a tumultuous career in Milwaukee to say the least. Braun as many know has been in trouble repeated times for growth hormone offenses but that hasn’t deterred him from making a strong comeback these past 2 years. Braun hit .266 with 19 HR and 81 RBI last season. Braun is proven star in this league whether is “juicing” or not. The kid can flat out play Right Field and has a great eye for making contact. He is one of the few players on this list whose fantasy value could rise if he manages to get hot. Braun has been known to catch fire during the season and will definitely help in every fantasy category if drafted. Braun has started his 2015 season off with a .261 BA and 2 RBI. His production is down due to a slow start but I think once mid-May comes around Braun will start live up to his big time reputation.

4. Milwaukee Brewers: Carlos Gomez – Gomez shares the same outfield with the afore mentioned Braun. Gomez is one of the younger players on this list but he has the resume to prove he may be one of the more explosive up an coming hitters in the game. Gomez hit 23 HR’s last year and drove in 73 RBI for the Brewers. His batting average was an impressive .284 and with time and experience Gomez should blossom into one of the new bright young stars in the league. If Gomez can manage to keep his average up and strikeouts down, he should looking at a big time season for the Brewers. So fair in 2015 Gomez has a .235 BA and has hit 1 HR and 6 RBI.

3. Miami Marlins: Giancarlo Stanton – Stanton is fresh of receiving one of the most valuable and lucrative contracts in the Majors this year. His 13 year $325 million contract is unmatched and Stanton has the tough task of earning that ridiculous contract. Stanton is known for his great bat and high light reel outfield  catches that few in his position could make. He has had a solid pro career and mixed in with is raw athleticism is the fact ttaht Stanton is a great base runner. Stanton has managed to achieve 6 hits in 30 At Bats and 7 RBI with No HR in fresh  2015 season.  Based off his 37 HR and 105 RBI numbers from 2014 Stanton is looking to have another great year despite his overall team.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates : Andrew McCutchen – McCutchen is the Pittsburgh Pirates best player. Heck he may be one the best players in the league. McCutchen managed to hit .314 last year with 25 HR and 83 RBI for the Pirates. His dominance doesntjust show up at the plate though. He is one the most revered 5 tool players in the bigs. As long as McCutchen can stay healthy he will continue to produce at a high level. Its just what this guy does. So far in 2015, McCutchen has missed 1 game for knee soreness. But he managed to still hit a HR this year and currently has 7 RBI with a .207 BA in 8 games.   The Pirates as a team are struggling to hit the ball . Once the Pirates and McCutchen figure It look for them to continue their rise to prominence.

1. Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout – Not a lot to be said about Mike Trout that hasn’t been said before. Trout is the type of player every team wishes they had. A 5 tool outfielder,  with speed, athleticism, smarts and power. Trout has managed to burst onto the MLB scene and take the game over like known one in recent memory. Trout can steal bases, hit home runs, get on base and more than anything win thr Angels games with his quick bat and golden glove. Trout hit 36 HR and drove in 111 RBI last season while batting .287. Seeing as how Trout just continues to get better and better each year , im looking for his value to continue to rise in every category except for this 2015 season if he can manage to stay healthy. Trout currently has 14 hits on 32 AB and has hit 1 HR and driven in 4 RBI in 9 games this season.

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