2016 DraftKings Week 3 Winning DFS Lineup Breakdown


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A Review Of The Winning Week 3 DraftKings NFL “MILLIONAIRE MAKER” Lineup

Now three weeks into the NFL daily fantasy football sports season and so far we have seen just as many millionaire made on the DraftKings DFS platform.  The first three weeks of the regular 2016 – 2017 NFL DFS football season have been amazing and there are no signs that the excitement and thrills will be slowing down.   The chances in life to turn a $20 bill into a million dollar win are scarce but the DraftKings NFL $4.44M Fantasy Football Millionaire [$1,000,000 To 1st] tournament series is an opportunity to do exactly that.  Lets breakdown the winning lineup from this gigantic week 3 2016 – 2017 NFL Football daily fantasy sports tournament contest to get a better understanding as to what it takes to succeed in these these huge NFL DFS GPP events.  This week there was a two way tie for first and the screen names of the third newly crowned DraftKings millionaires of the 2016 – 2017 NFL Football daily fantasy sports season is “Papagates” and “Cmo_22wesley” who both scored 247.2 daily fantasy football points to win.  Lets go over the players “Papagates” picked to build the winning NFL football daily fantasy sports DraftKings lineup and what propelled him to the top.

Winning NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Football Week 3 MILLIONAIRE DraftKings Lineup Review

Event Date: 9/25/2016

Event Buy In: $20

Event Number of Entrants: 1436510

Event Top First Place Payout: $1,000,000

Event Top Points Finisher and Tournament Winner: Al_Smizzle (230.12 DFS points)

Draftkings week 3 winning lineup breakdown 2016

Position 1: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Quarterback (QB):

Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) (30.5 Points Scored) 3 PaTD, 385 PaYds, 11 RuYds, 1 INT, 1 300+Pass (2.4% Owned)

Stafford has now killed it two out of three weeks and him being forced to play behind the whole game lead him to putting up some serious fantasy numbers.  Quarterbacks playing the high paced Packers might be something to take note of for later in the season.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Pick Hot QB’s That Be Playing From Behind

Position 2: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills) (29.6 Points Scored) 2 RuTD, 6 RecYds, 110 RuYds, 3 REC, 1 100+Rush (1.8% Owned)

Averaging a touchdown a game so far this season and heavily involved in the passing game McCoy is a veteran running back that might be starting to find is old form again while flying under the radar.  LeSean is a dual threat that has the potential to put up big numbers on any given Sunday.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Veteran Dual Threat Running Backs Can Excel

Position 3: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

Shane Vereen (New York Giants) (16.5 Points Scored) 1 RuTD, 28 RecYds, 67 RuYds, 2 REC, 1 FUM (11.4% Owned)

Vereen got injured this week and it may cost him the entire season.  Doing great before he was injured unfortunately Shane will most likely not be available again for the year.  Giants running back Rashad Jennings (thumb) if he plays next Monday might be someone to keep on the radar.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: You Can Still Win Despite A Running Back Injury



Position 4: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers) (29 Points Scored) 140 RecYds, 12 REC, 1 100+Rec (22.4% Owned)

The highest percentage owned player on this winning roster what more is there to say about Brown except for that he is simply one of the best in the game.  With 304 yards and two touchdowns through three weeks Brown is almost a lock for big DFS number every week making him worth every penny of his lineup price tag.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: The Best Wide Receivers Rarely Will Fail You

Position 5: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Marvin Jones Jr. (Detroit Lions) (41.5 Points Scored? 2 RecTD, 205 RecYds, 6 REC, 1 100+Rec (10.4% Owned)

Here we see the quarterback and wide receiver cuff play that is now becoming wildly popular and successful within NFL daiy fantasy sports.  Jones is absolutely killing it this year with over 400 yards receiving throughout the first three weeks of the season and seems to have beat out fellow WR Tate as the number one go to on the team.  Look for many more big games from this still relatively cheap number one target.  He was also on last weeks winning lineup which should give us more insight to just how strong of a play this is in any type of lineup building exercise.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: The Quarterback and WR Cuff Play Can Pay Dividends

Position 6: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Cleveland Browns) (34.9 Points Scored) 1 RuTD, 35 PaYds, 144 RecYds, 21 RuYds, 8 REC, 1 100+Rec (2.9%)

Pryor had 14 targets and even played goal quarterback at some points in the game so with versatility and opportunity like this he is one of the more interesting DFS choices.  Most experts could not see a game like this coming as its so rare in the NFL but this multi-faceted talent is surely someone to keep an eye on even after Josh Gordon returns.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Look For Low % Owned Options That Have Multiple Ways To Score

Draftkings NFL Week 3 2016 contests image

Position 7: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Tight End (TE):

Zach Miller (Chicago Bears ) (27.8 Points Scored) 2 RecTD, 78 RecYds, 8 REC (0.7% Owned)

The lowest % pick owned on the team Miller had a huge day with Brian Hoyer at the helm and really benefited from some garabage time points as the Bears were getting killed the whole game by the cowboys.  Miller did see eight targets which is solid for tight end and given his low price and low popularity is certainly someone to keep on the radar for many weeks to come.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Tight Ends That May Get Garbage Time Can Come Through

Position 8: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – FLEX:

T.Y. Hilton (Indianapolis Colts) (34.4 Points Scored) 1 RecTD, 174 RecYds, 8 REC, 1 100+Rec (4.5% Owned)

Hilton has seen double digit targets in each of the first three weeks of this NFL daily fantasy sports season and should continue to get plenty of looks going forward.  While a little banged up and not putting  huge numbers this might have been the weakest part of the Lineup that came through.  If it were not for a 6 yeard TD catch in the last two minutes of the game Hilton would have not paid off his $6800 price tag.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: You Can Still Win With A Weak Play Or Two That Gets Lucky

Position 9: DraftKings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Defense (D):

Seahawks (3 Pts) 1 INT, 1 14-20 PA (4.6% Owned)

One of the best defenses in League did absolutely nothing agains the not that great Niners which had to be a surprise to everyone.  This Seahawks performance is probably what cost “papagates” the out right win and this had to be pretty frustrating as the team he was competeing with defense had 35 DFS points  (Chiefs).  This just goes to show you that even when top plays let you down all hope is not lost.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Poor Performances By Top Plays Do Not Always Mean Defeat

Well that wraps up the DraftKings 2016 – 2017 NFL Football daily fantasy sports week 3 NFL $4.4M Fantasy Football Millionaire [$1,000,000 To 1st] winning lineup breakdown and congrats again to  “papagates” for chopping up the amazing $1,000,000 first place prize with “Cmo_22wesley”!!!  DraftKings daily fantasy sports football is rolling along and if $4,400,000 tournament prize pools and million dollar first place wins are not enough to get you excited then we do not know what can.  The opportunity to turn your sports knowledge into 5, 6 and even 7 figures is happening every week and we hope you are not missing out.  Do you think you have what it takes to make winning NFL daily fantasy sports lineups?  Sign pp to DraftKings or any one of our other great daily fantsy sports partner sites in our exclusive DFS review section and see what you can do with the many generous sign up bonuses going on right now.  Entering your ticket to that next million dollar daily fantasy sports tournament is only a few clicks away.

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