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24/7 Drafts “NFL BOMB” Contest


In week 6 of the NFL season 247DRAFTS is having a guaranteed prize pool of $5,000 in our NFL Bomb League. The contest will be posted for entry on Tuesday October 7 to allow for updated player salaries and updated player injuries.

  • The entry fee is $110 and each player may enter a maximum of three times.


  • The contest will have a maximum of 52 entries.

There are two ways to gain entry into the $5,000 NFL Bomb.

  • Place 1st , 2nd , or 3rd in our “Any Given Sunday” 2,000 Guarantee in week 1 through 5 and receive your entry into the NFL Bomb. (Number of entries may vary each week)This entry into the $5,000 NFL Bomb will be a bonus above any money earned in the $2,000 Any Given Sunday Guarantee.


  • Enter into the League starting October 7 for a fee of $110

247 drafts $2000 guaranteed any given Sunday