3 NFL Football 2015 DFS Titles You May Not Be Thinking About

The belt.  The title.  The championship.  The money.  Fame and fortune often go hand and hand and daily fantasy sports is no different.  As the daily fantasy sports industry grows to unbelievable levels and new heights so to does the opportunities for players to achieve accolades and monetary status’ that were once unattainable and unimagined.  The fact is this 2015 / 2016 NFL daily fantasy sports football season provides platforms of potentially life changing proportions for any size bankroll or playing preference.  While most of the daily fantasy sports community knows about the Draft Kings and Fan Duel NFL Football daily fantasy sports championships often little is known about the plethora of other options that exist in the market.  There is no questioning that DraftKings and Fan Duel put on amazing daily fantasy sports NFL football experiences but qualifying yet alone winning one of these titles is a daunting task filled with a road of battle tested professionals.  So are there daily fantasy sports websites that are a bit less mainstream that offer some of the prestige, elegance and prominence that the major sites do?  Of course there are and we have spent the time to research and breakdown the top 3 NFL Football 2015 / 2016 daily fantasy sports titles that may not be on your radar but should be.

1 – Inaugural 2015 / 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports $150,000 Star Fantasy Football Championship:

Scheduled for Week 16 (December 27th and 28th)  of the NFL daily fantasy sports season the inaugural 2015 / 2016 NFL daily fantasy sports StarFantasyLeagues football championship is set to be a spectacular event.  With $150,000 and more up for grabs it is the perfect chance to add something special to any daily fantasy sports resume.  A qualifier only event, $50,000 for first, and 30 tickets on the line there are qualifiers in both NFL and NBA that will be running often this NFL football DFS season on StarFantasyLeagues.  Satellites will be running in the $2 – $22 range and direct qualifiers $55 – $215. The first of its kind for this daily fantasy sports website the 2015 SFFC might be one trophy you will want to seriously consider trying to add to our DFS mantle place.

starfantasyleague NFL CHAMPIONSHIP

2 – 2015 / 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports $500,000 FantasyAces Football Championship

Hosted at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada the The “$500,000 FantasyAces Football Championship” will take place on December 13, 2015, with 40 finalists testing their skills in a live one-day fantasy football challenge for a $100,000 top grand prize and the bragging rights that come with such an accomplishment.  Qualifying and satellite contests will commence the opening week of the FantasyAces 2015 NFL daily fantasy sports season, with multiple events at a wide variety of entry fee ranges.  Hey three luxury-filled nights at Palms, exclusive Reception Party at The View, located at the top of Palms Fantasy Towe, and a live championship party that will take place at the famous Hardwood Suite, a massive 10,000 square-foot daily fantasy sports kingdom that boasts an indoor basketball court and a professional locker room what could be better?  Not much else but taking this little known but monster of a daily fantasy sports contest.

FantasyAces 500000_football_championship_banner_new_vs4

3 – USA Today $25,000 FantasyScore DFS Fantasy Football Championship (FSFFC)

With the likes of ESPN, Yahoo Sports and Beckett Sportscard Magazine all making a foray into daily fantasy sports its no surprise to see another major company like USA Today Sports step in to try and one up the competition with their daily fantasy sports product FantasyScore.  A newer platform in the daily fantasy sports market FantasyScore is positioning itself to be one of the most respected DFS brands around with the launch of its “ Fantasy Football Championship (FSFFC)”.  A 1-week fantasy football contest scheduled for Week 16 of the NFL season the FSFFC will feature weekly satellites leading up to the finals with a total of 105 golden tickets for final championship tournament up for grabs.

Money does not last forever but the memory of winning an NFL Football 2015 / 2016 Daily Fantasy Sports Championship will be an unforgettable thrill of a lifetime.  By participating in qualifiers and satellites on some of the lesser known sites to try and win your way to a major daily sports title you will give yourself a better opportunity to win one of these rare and coveted competitions.  Who would not want to win a pile of money and some of the ultimate bragging rights in daily fantasy sports?  Well these NFL Football daily sports titles are the ultimate resume and bankroll builders.  What are you waiting for?  Jump into the action at DraftKings, FanDuel, StarFantasyLeagues, FantasyAces or FantasyScore and who you knows you may very well be the one in the daily fantasy sports winners circle at the end of the NFL season.

fantasyScore USA Today image