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Draftday: A Draft a Day Keeps the Fantasy Today

A characteristic of a sports enthusiast is his involvement in a particular sport or several sports. They like watching the game live as they cheer at the top of their lungs along with the rest of the crowd or on TV with family or friends. They keep track of their team’s ranking against the favorite teams. Aside from their hype and passion over their favorite sport, secretly they wish to play with the kings; hoping to be drafted along with the best players of the sport. If you belong to the aforementioned, here is something for you. Here is a website for those who love sports, meet Draftday. The key to your fantasy sport. But before you visit their site, here’s a brief review of their site.
What is Draftday?
Draftday is a website that allows you to play your favorite sport. As the site promotes, “Play One Day Fantasy Sports and Win Real Money.” For those new to the fantasy sports scene, Draftday is not the first of its kind. FanDuel and DraftKings lead the scene followed later by several players that tried to compete and match the two prominent sites but could not seem to keep up with the favorites of the fantasy sports scene. Many say that they lack a lot of what the favorites have been known for in the fantasy sports world.
Draftday allows you to make your own team, your Fantasy Team which play either for free or real money. Keep in mind that drafting is on a daily basis, a new day means a new team. If you think this is just one of those internet sports games, you are mistaken. Fantasy sports games are based on skill using analysis and strategy. Games may take longer than expected which makes the game fun and at the same time challenging.
According to Taylor Caby, Draftday co-founder, they made sure that their regulations are in line with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). Unlike betting sites where the pool is not clearly stated, Draftday assures you of their transparency – who they are and how they operate.

What to Expect?
Draftday may lack certain elements that DraftKings and FanDuel have offered, but they certainly have compensated for their shortcomings. First off, the first page of the website has a straight-forward approach. However, the link for the FAQ’s is found at the bottom of the homepage. It would be helpful if it is on the upper right side of the page where it can easily be noticed. The same goes for the project lineup link. If you do not scroll all the way down, you will end up wondering where you can draft your Fantasy Team. Once you’re in, everything’s a breeze. In addition, it is good to know that they assure you of their money back guarantee for unsatisfied players.
Unlike its competitors, Draftday allows you to join games even after reading this review. You can easily draftplayers for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB or college football. They also have a chatroom where you can easily interact with the other players. After drafting your team, you can easily check the statistics for each player and the scores for each team; Roster and Scoring is another good feature in their site. No need to search through other sites, everything is well provided for by Draftday.
Do you like promotions? Well, they offer 20% for your first deposit. There is also Draftday Perfect Lineup challenge weekly, and you can play for FREE. Aside from getting $20 for your $100 deposit, you also get the chance to win a million dollars.

The Verdict
If you are into fantasy sports and cannot decide which website to visit, I recommend visiting and playing your fantasy at You can easily join without the wait. No need to visit other sites to see the statistics of your team versus your opponent while monitoring your player. Not only will you enjoy living your fantasy sports, you also get wonderful promotions, which other sites do not offer. Come and visit them at, where fantasy sports is a reality. If you are not satisfied, they guarantee to give your money back. So there is really nothing to lose.