Base “Stealers” under the Radar

Dee Gordon has used his speed to move up the rankings for second basemen. The Los Angeles Dodgers fourth year star has 35 stolen bases in just 56 games this season. Now it might not be the pace of Rickey Henderson but it does bring good value to  fantasy owners that use him in daily fantasy leagues.

The only concern with Gordon has been his production at the plate that has limited him over the past few seasons to only 56 games in 2011, 87 games in 2012 and 38 games in 2013. In 2012 in just 87 games Gordon was able to steal 32 bases despite having an on base percentage less than.300. Now they key for Gordon is to figure out how to get on base and raise his average to increase his stolen base chances.

Dee Gordon
dee gordon

In his first season in A ball for Great Lakes he was able to finish with a .301 average and 73 stolen bases. He followed that season up by swiping 53 bags and a .332 on base percentage at double A. In his career in the minors Gordon has been able to put up good stats at the plate with a career .301 average and a .360 on base percentage. This has led to 227 stolen bases in 497 career minor league games.

Over the course of his last 10 games he has stolen seven bases, including three games with at least two stolen bases. In two of those games he was also able to score improving his fantasy stats with a run scored. Now you might not weigh the stolen base as high as the home run, but it could be a key stat to follow down the stretch.

Other top stolen base threats in MLB:

Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati Reds: Hamilton was able to swipe 155 stolen bases at double a in 2012. The track record hasn’t lived up to it at the Major League level but has been able to steal 22 bases in 29 attempts this season for the Reds.

Billy Hamilton
billy hamilton

Jose Altuve, Houston Astros: The key for using Altuve is his ability to not only steal bases but he also picks up hits. Currently Altuve leads the Majors with 80 hits including 17 doubles, two triples and two home runs to add to the stolen bases.

Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve

Jacoby Ellsbury, New York Yankees: Ellsbury showed in 2013 he can steal bases with the best of the game leading the Majors with 52 stolen bases. This season he has been able to steal 16 out of his 18 attempts.

Jacoby Ellsbury
jacoby ellsbury