DraftKings Winning DFS Lineup Review for Week 2 of the 2015-2016 NFL Season

DraftKings week 2 winning lineup breakdown


Week two of the NFL 2015 /2016 daily fantasy sports season is in the rear view mirror and that means more Millionaires crowned on DraftKings.  The week two “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” hosted a huge overlay of around three million dollars this week giving players just that much more reason to take their shot at the top weekly prize in all of daily fantasy sports.  With one weeks worth of numbers to crunch and the daily fantasy football rust finally starting to wear off, lineup and competitor potentials are beginning to take more form.  Lets rundown the winning lineup from the fabled week two “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” tournament to start to get a better feel of what types of scores and daily fantasy lineup builds it takes when attempting to take down the top weekly prize in DFS..

An Inside Look Into The Winning Week 2 $10M Millionaire Maker DraftKings NFL Lineup

A $2,000,000 million dollar grand prize and a $1,000,000 million dollars for runner up the “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” is a tournament with draw dropping amounts of money up for grabs.  This highly anticipated weekly daily fantasy sports tournament drew 426,105 (a sharp decline from last week) DFS lineup entries at a buy in price of $20 per entry.  With $10,000,000 million dollars on the line this is one daily fantasy sports tournaments the amateurs and professionals enjoy turning out for.  Holding a 500 entry lineup cap per player its a safe bet many were firing multiple bankroll bullets with hopes of securing that first place payday.  The screename of this weeks lucky winning contender is “TheDuganBrothers” who made great use of its first and possibly only entry into this massive daily fantasy sports tournament by scoring 246.18 fantasy football points which bests last weeks winning score of 228.04.  Lets review the players he chose to build his NFL football daily fantasy sports DraftKings lineup and what propelled him to this massive DFS win.

DraftKings nfl sept 22 2015

The Winning Week Two $10M Millionaire Maker DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports Team:

Position 1: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Quarterback (QB):

Marcus Mariota (18.18 Pts) 2 PaTD, 257 PaYds, 19 RuYds, 2 FUM

A star standout from last week Mariota had a much realistic performance in Week 2.  Still a reasonable output by any daily fantasy sports measure it is of concern that Marcus fumbled the ball three times with his team losing possession twice.  Combine that with looking a bit shaky against the strong Cleveland pass rush and this might be a daily fantasy sports play we want to put on pause until we can get a better assessment of the the rookie number two pick,s full capabilities or until we can find a favorable match up against a weaker defense.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Rookie Picks At Times Can Be Unpredictable

Position 2: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

DeAngelo Williams (31.2 Pts) 3 RuTD, 15 RecYds, 77 RuYds, 4 REC

The second lowest owned pick on the lineup at 3.7% D. Williams was a surprise performer to many.  As the Steelers absolutely trounced the 49er’s Williams became the beneficiary of this drubbing scoring three touchdowns in the blowout.  While it is concerning that he did not come close to hitting the 100 mark even in such an extreme blowout DeAngelo might one to keep on the radar as a low owned sneak play for future weeks and especially since he is priced reasonably most weeks.  His 20 running touches and 5 receiving targets sure are encouraging for future use as well.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Low Owned Running Backs Can Bring Big Upsides

Position 3: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Running Back (RB):

Danny Woodhead (23 Pts) 68 RecYds, 36 RuYds, 6 REC

Woodhead’s 13 targets rank second on the team behind Keenan Allen making him an appealing option in many fantasy formats due to his run and pass versatility.  Not the main back for San Diego (that’s Melvin Gordon) Woodhead still sees plenty of opportunities and clearly has chemistry with Veteran quarterback Rivers.  At an only $4,000 price tag Danny might be worth a look on a weekly basis as he can find the end zone and score DFS points as proven so far in both NFL week one and two.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Versatile Running Backs Can Provide Great DFS Value

Position 4: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Travis Benjamin (35.5 Pts) 2 RecTD, 115 RecYds, 3 REC, 1 PuntTD, 1 100+Rec

One of the biggest surprises of the weekend as evidenced by the ultra low .8%  ownership rates Benjamin had a huge game despite having to play with backup Browns QB Johnny Manziel.  After a couple of deep passes between Manziel and Travis it is becoming clearer that the pair have a pretty strong chemistry and especially when it comes to the deep ball.  Also a punt returner Benjamin is a multi position threat that can do serious daily fantasy sports damage on any given week.  Look for this pick to heat over the next few weeks.  At the $3400 price tag this one may be hard to pass up on a weekly basis.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Look For WR / QB Chemistry Options When A Backup QB Plays

Position 5: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Antonio Brown (39.5 Pts) 1 RecTD, 195 RecYds, 9 REC, 1 100+Rec, 1 2PT

What can you say.  One of the best in Football Antonio pretty much does big things week after week.  Obviously still Big Ben’s favorite targets there is little reason to leave this pick off the roster on any given week.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: The SF 49er’s May Be Susceptible To Big WR Games

Position 6: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Wide Receiver (WR):

Julian Edelman (33.9 Pts) 2 RecTD, 97 RecYds, 12 RuYds, 11 REC

Big game in week 1 and another big game in week 2 its becoming clear that Edelman is solidified as one of Brady’s favorite targets.  With not many offensive WR threats besides Rob Gronkowski the Patriots are still a great passing team making Edelman a great daily fantasy sports choice week in and week out this NFL season.  QB Tom Brady threw 59 times last week and Julian was the recipient of 19 targets and is this type of play pace keeps up this will certainly be one you will want to keep on your DFS radar.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Great QB Favorite Targets Are Strong DFS Picks

Position 7: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Tight End (TE):

Rob Gronkowski (27.3 Pts) 1 RecTD, 113 RecYds, 7 REC, 1 100+Rec

The best Tight End in the game behind one of the strongest, most experienced quarterbacks as well as well run offenses it is no surprise Gronkowski shows up with big games week after week.  The depleted Patriots offense makes this is even more of a viable option.  Expensive option but if you can fit it in it is one that will most likely yield results regardless of situation.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Rarely Does Picking The Best At Their Position Not Yield

Position 8: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – FLEX:

Larry Fitzgerald (40.2 Pts) 3 RecTD, 112 RecYds, 8 REC, 1 100+Rec

Monster game from Fitzgerald and it is clear him and Carson Palmer seem dialed in this NFL daily fantasy sports season.  Even with many wideout threats such as J. Brown and M. Floyd it seems Carson is still finding Larry more often then not.  Palmer has been on fire this year so on any given week any one of his 3 talented wide receivers could produce big for daily fantasy sports lineups.  Holding a matchup against the 49er’s pass defense who was just torched by the Steelers throwing game next week any one of the above names are probably a must keep on the fantasy radar.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Play Hot Receivers With Hot Quarterbacks

Position 9: Draft Kings NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Breakdown – Defense (D):

Saint Louis Rams (4 Pts) 2 SACK, 1 DFR

The Rams disappointed a bit this week but that is how defenses picks go sometimes.  This was a solid pick according to the Vegas odds but did not exactly meet expectations.  Always a tough lineup position to pick at least the Rams picked up the 4 points needed to be propelled for the win.

Daily Fantasy Sports Lesson: Even Good Defenses Can Have Disappointing Results

Other 2015 / 2016 NFL Football Daily Fantasy Sports DraftKings Standout Performers

Michael Crabtree (29.1 Pts) 1 RecTD, 111 RecYds, 9 REC, 1 100+Rec

Odell Beckham Jr. (30.6 Pts) 1 RecTD, 146 RecYds, 7 REC, 1 100+Rec

Giovani Bernard (19.9 Pts) 16 RecYds, 123 RuYds, 3 REC, 1 100+Rush

Adrian Peterson (23.2 Pts) 58 RecYds, 134 RuYds, 2 REC, 1 100+Rush, 1 FUM

Donte Moncrief (28.2 Pts) 1 RecTD, 122 RecYds, 7 REC, 1 100+Rec

Steve Smith Sr. (28 Pts) 150 RecYds, 10 REC, 1 100+Rec

Calvin Johnson (24.3 Pts) 1 RecTD, 83 RecYds, 10 REC

Dion Lewis (24.8 Pts) 1 RuTD, 98 RecYds, 40 RuYds, 6 REC, 1 FUM

Crockett Gillmore (25.8 Pts) 2 RecTD, 88 RecYds, 5 REC

Brandon Marshall (26.1 Pts) 1 RecTD, 101 RecYds, 7 REC, 1 100+Rec

Eric Decker (23.7 Pts) 1 RecTD, 97 RecYds, 8 REC

Cardinals (18 Pts) 2 SACK, 2 INT, 2 DefTD

Cowboys (19 Pts) 1 SACK, 2 INT, 1 DFR, 1 DefTD, 1 7-13 PA, 1 BLK

Jets (14 Pts) 3 INT, 2 DFR, 1 7-13 PA

Well that concludes the NFL DraftKings week 2 “Draftkings NFL $10M Millionaire Maker [$2 Million To 1st]” winning lineup review and congrats again to “TheDuganBrothers” for taking down the 2 million dollar first place prize!!! Do you think you have the knowledge and skills to make winning DraftKings NFL daily fantasy sports lineups?  Join DraftKings using our promo code today and see if get your ticket to that next million dollar daily fantasy sports tournament.

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