Facts and Stats about the Houston Astros


The Houston Astros are a mess. Fans understand that they are rebuilding but it doesn’t seem like they are on any sort of path. They have lost 106, 107 and 111 games from 2011-13. They are on pace to lose 111 games again this season and have the youngest team and lowest payroll in the majors. Their farm system is loaded with talent and that is key for a small-market team trying to rebuild. They need to develop their own players and pitchers in order to compete with the richer clubs in the league. Young players need to gain experience and learn what it takes to win. Dealing with failure and adversity is all part of the process. But, if you put a bunch of young players out on the field, who lack chemistry the only result will be a negative one. A youngster may look solid one game and poor in the next, and that goes for everyone on the Astros roster. The talent is there, but the consistency isn’t.

houston astros empty stands

They need to acquire some experience to help these young kids get better and teach them how to act as a professional. Mentally, veterans can help the youngsters adjust and approach the game in the right fashion and stabilize the environment. Players like Mourneau, Byrd, Loney, McGehee, Uribe, Kuble, Arroyo, Haren can all help. They won’t break the bank but can help this team rebuild and finish the season with respectable numbers. Eventually the Houston Astros will have to “step up to the plate” and restructure the team if they want to bring back the MLB  honor.