Fantasy Baseball All-Star Selections

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FIRST BASE: Albert Pujols (AL), Paul Goldschmidt (NL)

Pujols is an easy choice who is in play for comeback player of the year. Miguel Cabrera and rookie Jose Abreu are names in play but they do not possess the overall package of Pujols. On the National League side it’s more difficult with breakout start of Brandon Belt and the reliable Freddie Freeman. But, Paul Goldschmidt just isn’t letting up after last year’s impressive campaign. He will definitely earn many votes.

SECOND BASE: Robinson Cano (AL), Neil Walker (NL)

At the plate, Cano has been consistent and his defensive play is always top class. Kipnis and Pedroia are candidates but Cano is the best choice regardless of his power numbers.

Brandon Phillips has been slow offensively this season, but has been great with his glove. Walker is off to a great start this season, and if Phillips doesn’t pick it up offensively the vote would still go to Walker.

SHORTSTOP: Derek Jeter (AL), Troy Tulowitzki (NL)

When looking at statistics Alexei Ramirez probably deserves the start due to the great start in his career. But, Jeter is in his final season he will most likely get the start.

Tulowitzki has always had potential but injuries have hampered his progress. So far, the healthy Tulowitzki has been fantastic for the Rockies even though Andrelton Simmons and Hanley Ramiez would be great picks.

THIRD BASE: Evan Longoria (AL), David Wright (NL)

Longoria edges out Donaldson even though Donaldson has had a better start to the season. Longoria’s consistency is honourable and may be enough to stave off the competition from Donaldson.

Wright’s track record and bright start should see him start in the All-Star game. Honourable mentions are Pedro Alvarez and Nolan Arenado.

CATCHER: Matt Wieters (AL), Yadier Molina (NL)

Wieters has had a career season and could overtake McCann in voting. It’s a difficult decision in the National League with past All-Stars all playing well, but Yadier Molina gets the nod in this category.


This one was between David Ortiz and Nelson Cruz. Ortiz is usually the obvious choice, but Cruz has been great this season and will get many votes if he can keep up his hot start. But, you can never discount Ortiz especially if he heats up before the voting closes.