We all know that throughout the course of the season the landscape of the top players at each position can change and usually does.  What seems great now, may not be as great come September, so it is important to maintain a clear head when analyzing your roster and the potential for players to move up or down.  Let’s look at the outfield position and if anything, you can have an idea whether to buy low or sell high while also being able to reign in your expectations. The current top 10 outfielders are listed below.  Let’s see what a little landscaping can turn up for your fantasy baseball leagues.

Current Top 10

  1. 1- Bryce Harper
  2. 2- Nelson Cruz
  3. 3- Justin Upton
  4. 4- Mike Trout
  5. 5- Ryan Braun
  6. 6- Giancarlo Stanton
  7. 7- Starling Marte
  8. 8- A.J Pollock
  9. 9- Lorenzo Cain
  10. 10- Josh Reddick


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That’s right folks, no Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Gomez, Jose Bautista, Adam Jones or Michael Brantley, but if you are an owner of any of these top 15 overall OFs, I’m holding on all of them except Bautista.  Owners of all of these players have absolutely no choice but to hold on these players because of the price you paid for them on draft day.  You will never get fair value on the market right now, so now you must be patient, much like Braun owners had to do last season, when they got stuck up with an injury plagued player who never got into an offensive rhythm while costing you a top 5 overall pick.


Out of the bottom four on this list only Josh Reddick is really playing above his projected ceiling.  He’s getting on base a ton, and that should continue, but not enough to hold off the next waive of OFs that are sure to surpass him in counting and ratio stats.  If you can package him in a deal to upgrade at another offensive position or add pitching depth then you should do it, but keeping him won’t hurt since you should’ve paid next to nothing for him.  It’s hard not to love Lorenzo Cain, but his HR and RBI numbers are below average and he’s not stealing as much because he doesn’t need to, there are a lot of great players knocking him home, which is marginalizing his value.  Starling Marte is a historically fast starter, and not an overly patient hitter.  His OBP has slipped a bit, but his power speed combo is hard not to want to keep.  He’ll soon be outpaced, so sell if you can.


Michael Brantley is going to move right into the top 10 in just a few weeks, and will continue to rise as the season progresses.  He’s an excellent hitter who has only struck out 9 times this season. Buy him if you can, but current owners are probably loving him.  In the past two weeks Andrew McCutchen is the second best fantasy OF.  He will continue to do what owners drafted him to do, and will be in the top 10 by the end of the season.  Good luck prying him out from the hands of his current owner.  The next choice to fall in is a literal toss up between Carlos Gomez and Adam Jones.  If Braun continues to hit, which all signs point to him doing so than Gomez will get great pitches for the rest of the season.  He has been great the last two weeks, and after a sluggish start should put up video game numbers moving forward as long as he continues to hit in front of Braun.


There’s no debating Nelson Cruz’s ability to mash the ball anytime and anywhere, but he’ll hit a wall eventually right? His OBP will likely slide a bit, and he still offers no speed on top of the fact he has NOT been injured yet.  If you are set in HRs, you could be able to upgrade in multiple positions or multiple statistics and not regret it.  Look for Cruz to slide down from his current spot.  Justin Upton is a notorious fast starter.  Look for him to digress slightly as well.


Mike Trout and Bryce Harper look and play the part of the future of MLB and should give everyone a reason to be excited.   Harper who currently sits as the top OF in fantasy is tough to judge.  On one hand he’s doing what everyone though he would, but on the other, since he’s never really done this before how sure can we be that he’ll keep this pace up.  The truth is we can’t but as long as a player shows no reason they would let up, that player should be held on to.  With Trout there’s no doubt the RBIs will come the speed is an added bonus. Both Players should be dominant for the rest of the season.


  1. 1- Bryce Harper
  2. 2- Mike Trout
  3. 3- Ryan Braun
  4. 4- Gincarlo Stanton
  5. 5- Nelson Cruz
  6. 6- Michael Brantley
  7. 7- Andrew McCutchen
  8. 8- Carlos Gomez
  9. 9- Justin Upton
  10. 10- A.J. Pollock


Note: The above was written on May 27 2015.

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