Fantasy Baseball’s Who’s Hot – Who’s Not


The summer heat is rolling in but MLB players all over the game continue to be cold. While every player goes through struggles during the 162 game schedule most find a way back, but for the rest those struggles could last the entire season.

These types of struggles don’t help fantasy owners, but more importantly the ones that play in leagues that last all season. You can’t afford to let a player go that might bounce back a month down the road, but on the other hand it limits your roster to one less guy.

This gives us a chance to look at some of the games better hitters who have struggled over the last 30 days.

Justin Morneau, Colorado Rockies: The Rockies first baseman got off to a hot start, but has cooled off over his last 30 days. In that time frame Morneau is only hitting .202 with just 17 hits in 84 at bats and has only seven runs batted in. If you look deeper in his last ten games he has only five hits in 38 at bats with zero home runs.

Justin Morneau
justin morneau

Shin-Soo Choo, Texas Rangers: Choo was handed $130 million dollars this off-season by the Texas Rangers, but has yet to live up to it during his first season. Only Justin Smoak and Brandon Hicks have hit worse based on players with enough at bats. In that stretch Choo has hit two home runs  and driven in eight runs for his fantasy owners, but is only hitting.167.

Shin-Soo Choo
Shin-Soo Choo, Texas Rangers

Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins: The Twins would love to see Mauer get back on track and have recently signed Kendrys Morales to help bolster the lineup. Mauer has only nine hits in his last 107 at bats and zero home runs.This type of production makes it difficult for fantasy owners to play him in a power position like first base.

Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox: Ortiz has still produced hitting seven home runs and drove it 19 runs over the stretch of his last 30 games. The real concern is he has only two additional hits on top of the seven home runs and has a .219 batting average.

David Ortiz
David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays have struggled on offense as a whole, but for a player like Longoria these types of struggles are hard to imagine. In his last 30 games he has only three home runs with five runs batted in and a .236 batting average.

Evan Longoria
Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays

These are just a few of the key players but the list could also include Dustin Pedroia, Matt Kemp and Albert Pujols.