Fantasy Judgment: The long awaited solution to disputes


Many moons ago before the advent of the internet let alone the likes of fanduel, starstreet and draftday I was huddled over the sports section with friends selecting players for our grade school hockey draft (yes it started that long ago!).

I had rushed into my friends garage after a baseball practice and my team for the upcoming season wasn’t the first thing on my mind.  Unfortunately, it would cost me dearly as I selected Bob Probert of Detroit as my second to last choice.  My friends burst out laughing as they had just recently learned Probert was suspended for the entire season for drug abuse.  I felt cheated.  It was the exact scenario in which someone like Michael A. Stein of would have been a Godsend.

Michael is the owner and operator of billed as “The Supreme Court of Fantasy Judgment providing expert dispute resolution services for fantasy sports leagues, commissions and players”.   Fantasy Judgment is essentially offering an independent resolution service for fantasy sports leagues.  The service is in fact long overdue.  From my grade school to high school days a service like Michael’s would have avoided many friendships to go sour and fantasy pools from falling apart.  Many times when a dispute erupts the various sides will look after their interests and support the side they can benefit from.  Impartiality in such a scenario is impossible from other players.  An independent seasoned ad hoc arbitrator offered by Fantasy Judgment is the answer.

The Fantasy Judgment panel is actually made of 5 ‘judges’ with a deep rooted knowledge in fantasy sports and some of which such Michael, Jeffrey Mickletz and  Nicholas T. Steffens are actually attorneys.  As someone who has attended law school I can tell you that no one is better positioned to settle disputes.

Fantasy Judgment offers to settle your dispute for $15.00 which is a bargain when we consider the stakes and a $100.00 one time for a full season of dispute resolutions.

My only wish is that I would be able to hop into a DeLorean fitted with a “flux capacitor” and bring Michael along to settle that long standing ‘Bob Probert’ issue which caused our 1988 NHL Hockey Pool a lot of tension for the remainder of the year!

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