Fantasy MLB “Power Show” Slow Down




The baseball was flying off the bats of some of the games best power hitters early, but the power show has slowed down. Nelson Cruz currently leads all of Major League Baseball with 21 home runs, but hasn’t hit one in 13 games. Edwin Encarnacion hit 16 home runs in the month of May but only has two in June.

This is bad news for teams, but even worst news for fantasy owners of these players and even the daily fantasy player. Encarnacion was a must play in almost every game in May as he had the potential for hitting two home runs against any player. Now you have to take it cautious with him as he has just 12 hits in 48 at bats this month.

Now the drop in power production doesn’t just stop with Cruz and Encarnacion as we have seen some of the other top power hitters struggle as well. Here is a look at how the top power hitters in the game have faired in the month of June.

Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles: Cruz has 14 hits in 53 at bats with only one home run and five runs driven in June but still leads the league with 21. The power slowed down and now it has taken a direct toll on his run producing abilities which he drove in 24 and 27 in the first two months of the season.

Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto Blue Jays: Cruz is batting just .250 for the month with two home runs and six runs batted in but currently sits in second with 20 for the season.

Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins: Stanton has hit three home runs in June but has only five runs batted in for the month. Stanton currently sits with 19 home runs on the season and tied for third in MLB.

Josh Donaldson, Oakland A’s: Donaldson got off to a hot start hitting seven home runs in April and eight home runs in May but has only two in June. Donaldson has struggled at the plate this month, hitting only.136 for the month with only eight hits.

Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels: After getting off to a great start with nine home runs in April the Angels slugger dropped to just five in May and only two in June. Fantasy owners are hoping Pujols track record will help him down the stretch.

Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays: Bautista is a threat in every at bat to go yard, but has only one long ball in June. Bautista has hit .327 this month, but has seen his walks, home runs and rbis drop.

Justin Upton, Atlanta Braves: We have seen this from the Braves outfielder before with his ability to get red hot, but when he is cold he can kill a fantasy team. In 12 games this month Upton has only one home run and four runs batted in.