NBA Trade Deadline And Your Fantasy Basketball League


With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, fantasy implications of potential trade targets will undoubtedly change depending on the landing destination. There plenty of players who may be moved prior to February 19th and the calls have intensified, while rumors are spreading like wildfire.

The most talked about teams looking to trade players are the Denver Nuggets, Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves. All of these teams have quite a few players that are on the trading block. Coincidentally, all 5 teams are struggling to make the playoffs so it makes a lot of sense to save a lost season by acquiring new players or future draft picks.

Denver is having a disastrous season and have underperformed to say the least. Faried, Chandler and Afflalo are the more popular names to sprout up in NBA trade rumors with some talks of Foye and Nelson being available as well. If Faried were traded to a better situation, his numbers could possibly sky-rocket. It’s no secret that Shaw isn’t the biggest fan of Faried’s game, so he could be on his way out. Faried could provide you with a boatload of rebounds and blocks with high fg% pending a good change in scenery. If you have him, consider keeping him until the deadline in case he gets moved to a different destination. He is also a great buy low candidate, so feel free to put up some low-ball offers for him.

Chandler and Afflalo would most likely get traded to a contender who could use a strong wing on their roster. Teams such as the Clippers, Wizards, Heat and Thunder could all be looking to improve at the wing position. Though a change in scenery won’t help them as much as it would Faried, it would actually decrease their output. They may become more efficient because of better shot selection, but other than that, I don’t see them giving the best value. I would highly consider trading Afflalo if you have the chance as he is more likely to be traded than Chandler.


Minnesota has a pretty decent amount of quality players that may be moved before the trade deadline. They have recently acquired Atlanta Hawks’ first round selection, Adreian Payne for a future first rounder from Minnesota. This suggests that the Timberwolves are looking to build for the future and quite possibly will try to give more playing time to develop their young core of players.

Thaddeus Young, Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic could all be on their way out as the Timberwolves continue to help mold their young guns. Thaddeus could benefit from a change in scenery as he is having an underwhelming season. With the rise of Muhammad and Wiggins, Young is no longer needed. Right now Young is a great buy-low candidate and could produce better statistics if given a change in scenery. Consider trading for him or keeping him if he is already on your team.

Martin would probably fit with a contending team who is looking for a reliable 3-point shooter. Teams like Portland, Miami and Washington could all use his services as a scorer. Though he is not the greatest of defenders, he can definitely provide the team with great scoring output. Depending on where he lands, Martin could either keep his value or decrease drastically (remember his OKC stint?). I would suggest trading him while his value is still relatively high before his value decreases.

With the NBA trade deadline just around the corner, teams are looking to make some changes within their organization. Tread carefully when dealing with potential trade targets and make sure you assess your team’s needs before pulling the trigger.


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