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Well the first thing we need to do is explain what is and when it first commenced. It first began in August of last year. It basically gives a place for sports enthusiasts to go to and live out their experiences in a virtual world. Whether you are looking for fantasy football for money or fantasy hockey for money, this is the right time and place.

This site offers so much for its visitors, including free formats and paid formats. It just depends on what you are looking for. They offer sporting events for the NFL and the NBA on a daily and weekly basis.

Do you have a group for friends that you get together with every week or every month for a friendly sports competition? Well why not direct them to and have a friendly game of fantasy football. You and your friends can do it for free or play for cash, the choice is yours!

SFL is perfect for all sorts of players, no matter what level you are playing at. As long as you are looking to play¬†fantasy football for money or fantasy hockey for money, or any other sport for that matter, SFL can accomodate you. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out and you are interested in seeing what it is like. Or if you just play a few games every so often, you know just for fun. Or you could be that type of player that spends hours and hours playing game after game, neglecting sleep and meals just to get that win. SFL satisfies all of these levels and more.

Now someone might ask if this type of fantasy game playing is legal and for real. Well you can out your minds at ease because it is. It’s 100% legal and it’s covered under the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The main reason for this is that it was determined that SFL was a game of skill and therefore doesn’t fit the gambling exemption.

So what types of games are offered through SFL? Under the MLB heading you can choose from the following games.








So what is a FREEROLL? It’s a game/tournament that can be played every day or every week. And this can be offered in two ways. The first in which is offered through SFL and they invite any player to join in and play the tournament. And the second way it can be offered is if a player or players are willing to use some of their star points that they have earned.

The next question that comes to mind for our readers is what exactly are star points. Star points are used to gain access to some of the FREEROLLS, win special prizes or access other tournaments.

When it comes to signing up for, when do you receive your winnings from daily contests that you have entered? After a game is over your accounts will be updated with the money that you have earned. Now of course this is resting on the idea that the statistics for the games are accurate and up to date. And if they are you will have your earnings soon after. If they are not than you will have to wait until they are accurate.

What happens in the event of a contest that becomes tied? If there is a tied contest than the players that are resting in the tied places will have to split the money and earnings equally among the number of players that are tied. If the earnings are $25 and there are 5 players involved than each player will get $5 each.

If there is a tied contest where the players are head to head then the entry money will get refunded back to the players. If you want more information about this process please visit If a game gets rained out or cancelled for any reason, each player will receive a 0 in their stat box for the games that were scheduled.

How can you earn your deposit bonus? Whatever contest you enter you will get 20% of the entry fee placed in your account. Say you place $150 for a tournament fee, you will get $30 deposited into your account and available for withdraw. And yes you have to pay taxes on any winnings that total $600 in one year. For more information about it and the forms visit

And as always visit and check us out. Signing up is easy and you will be so excited that you did!