The Growth of Online Fantasy Sports

The popularity of fantasy sports has greatly grown ever since the boom of the internet in the late 1990’s. Basing on the information obtained by the trade association of fantasy sports, more than 32 million people are engaged actively in Fantasy sports in Canada and the United States of America. Almost every existing sport has got a Fantasy league; this includes cricket, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball and football.

The reason why the popularity of Fantasy sports has increased greatly is because they permit people not to just be spectators, but gives them an opportunity to actively get involved with the sporting invent which is taking place. Besides that, the industry further encourages more people to tune in to those sports events. The sports which have benefited most from this rapid growth of interest in the fantasy games are those which are televised. Examples include baseball, basketball and football.

There is the argument that national productivity is down during the season of football. The reason for this is said to be because the people are taking a break out of their work days to manage their fantasy teams or fix their rosters. Even though in the industry of fantasy gaming there are some drawbacks, benefits do also exist. It has the capability to boost friendship among the employees and it can also help workers to make a valuable business contact.


This is one of the top sites for online fantasy sports. They offer a wide range of sports leagues. They also have a variety of drafting options which make them different from the other big sites of fantasy sports like FanDuel. Currently, Draftstreet offers leagues for the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, PGA golf, college football, and college basketball. Most of the leagues of Draftstreet use the standard salary cap format for your team selection; however snake drafts and pick’em drafts are also offered.

Withdraws and deposits are very easy when it comes to Draftstreet. The easiest way is the use of a PayPal account for secure and quick withdraws and deposits. Draftstreet also accepts other payments methods like the Master card, Visa, American Express and Discover card. For persons who are used to depositing at online sportbooks, their ease of payments to and from their Draftstreet accounts will be refreshingly easy.

To add on that, Draftstreet has got an extremely good support team. They gave also got an extensive FAQ section which is to help you get answers to any basic questions you may be having. You can also get in touch with the customer service team by email or phone.

This is another customer friendly site for players of Fantasy sports. It offers a variety of games and community experience which cannot be found on any of the other sites. It offers sports daily games for all sports which you may ever want; this includes NFL, CBB, NHL, MLB, NBA and so many others. Besides the regularly offered 5 Player contests, 1010 Player contests and Heads Up contests, FanDuel also includes a multiplicity of customizable private contests which are floating around the chat box and buy-ins which range from $1 to $535. They offer Large Field contests (GPPs) which have got large guaranteed prize pools up to $10,000 and at times more.

FanDuel sets the example of how customer service should be operated in the world of daily fantasy sports. Besides the standard information, support email and contact, FanDuel also offers a phone number, live Chat, a contact form and a supplementary chat box through which you can get queries attended to by other users 24/7.
Cashing system of FanDuel is secure and simple. You may use PayPal or Visa to deposit instantly. However, all the withdrawals are handled by means of PayPal and the processing may be as soon as that same day.


DraftDay is also a site which is all about Fantasy sports betting. All games including NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL are covered. Members can make a game selection, post the buy-in, and in case they win, the entire prize pool or portion thereof; is given their prize. The requirement for a standard game is number of entries which are enough to cover the encoded prize pool or the action is cancelled and all the buy-ins refunded. There is a guaranteed prize pool for guaranteed games. This simply implies that always action takes place and the prize is paid in full regardless of the number of registered players. HI-SI or Hit It & Split It games are very common due to the fact that all players who hit a specific number of points will share the prize pool equally.

The following methods of instant deposits are accepted by DraftDay. They include AmEx, Master Card, Visa and PayPal. The Payments of cashouts are done via mailed check or PayPal. All cashouts which exceed $600 require a social security number and physical mailing address.


It is not hard to see why the popularity of the industry of fantasy gaming has exploded over the past years. In addition to the sense of participation in the sport, more persons are becoming fans when they were not before. Fantasy gaming hasn’t only changed online activity, but also sports in general.