The Sports Wise Guy
The Sports Wise Guy

As most of us fantasy sports afficionado’s know, we simply cannot know enough. There is also more players, more stats, more injury reports and more knowledge which we can never fully absorb. This hobby of ours takes up great time to get it right. While practice makes perfect we at RotoGuys also believe that ‘knowing is half the battle’. Knowledge has no limits.

For this reason, in today’s strategy we turn to a website which you should add in your daily readings over the precious lunch hour or after hours. Meet SportsWiseGuy.Com.

While the ‘WiseGuys’ cover it all, we make them our daily stop for all Baseball related news. Whether it is Daily Lineup Advice or in depth analysis on the Baseball season they provide ‘wise’ advice.

Have something to say? Well is a free community page and accept written submissions where you can get free exposure through their extensive social networks. There is no better place to start honing your craft.

Remember the name A friend of the RotoGuys.