The World of Fantasy Sports: Men, Women and Beyond

Fantasy sports or roto as it is sometimes called, has seen a rapid growth over the past couple of years with more and more sports lovers embracing and subscribing to fantasy sports sites. Statistics show that in the US and UK alone, there has been a 10% increase in fantasy sports players. Because fantasy sports leagues have changed the way people experience sports, it is increasingly becoming popular.
What may surprise you even more is that while you may picture loud or overweight men checking their fantasy stats women have dove into the fantasy sports world in droves and they are changing the demographic. At least 20% of players are women and most surveyed said they like the personal touch of fantasy leagues including staying in touch with friends, draft day experience and even hanging out with the guys ‘talking shop’.
According to popular site the 5.8 million women play fantasy sports (this as of 2012). In fact, it is not uncommon today to see an all women’s league all over the nation. More over, with sites such as and the popularity of personalities such Liz Loza (@TheFFGirl) and her site it is no surprise that the statistics reach 30%.

Most people are getting more interested in getting into the shoes of some of the best managers and since fantasy sports leagues give them a chance to become managers and own their teams, most find it so interesting compared to simply watching the action on the big screen. As a matter of fact, 85% of NFL fans interviewed would rather watch a game at home than in a stadium with 37% of those admitting that they regularly follow the progress of their fantasy sports team on a second screen.

The increase in fantasy sports leagues has seen more fantasy sports sites being established as well as more sports being ventured into. Statistics show that more people are getting drawn away from following their teams to rather following their fantasy sports teams. A survey conducted by Turnkey sports shows that close to 28% of participants feel worse when their fantasy team loses than when their favorite NFL team loses, further demonstrating how fantasy sports leagues are fast becoming part of our daily lives. A very popular book can also be read to compliment one’s knowledge.

Statistics by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association show that close to 32 million people played fantasy sports in the United States and Canada in 2010 alone further showing its popularity. Statistics also show that participation in fantasy sports has grown by over 60% in the last four years and amazingly 19% of males in the US participate in fantasy sports leagues. Prior to that, a study carried out showed that close to 13 million people ages 12 and above in the US played fantasy sports and that 22% of adult males with internet access played fantasy sports on a regular basis.

The pass time has also crossed borders with fantasy sports leagues and sites now available in most countries and leagues in other sports disciplines like cricket, soccer and other sports. Britain is one of the countries with the highest number of fantasy sports lovers outside of the United States with close to 8 million people aged 16 and above playing fantasy sports in 2008. Of these, 80% played fantasy soccer. The numbers have continued to rise over the years with more people especially the young adults loving the prospect of selecting and managing their own teams rather than just laying back and watching the action on screen.

And with fantasy sports sites enticing players with various prizes and awards, more people have been attracted to join in. Not only do players select and manage their own teams but the best managers or players at the end of the season also stand to win various prizes and cash rewards. This all makes it more enticing to players thus accounting for its growth.
The growing interest in fantasy sports has seen more fantasy sports disciplines coming up. Apart from traditional fantasy sports disciplines like Fantasy football, fantasy baseball and fantasy soccer, there is also now fantasy cricket, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, fantasy auto racing, fantasy pro wrestling, fantasy congress and fantasy sports stock simulations. With the increasing popularity of fantasy sports, we shall soon see more sports disciplines being ventured into. The increasing number of fantasy sports disciplines means that more people are catered for and more people get to participate in fantasy sports regardless of their favorite sports disciplines.

The increase in the popularity of fantasy sports has also seen the number of fantasy sports sites go up tremendously and also more sites dedicated purely to fantasy sports have been established. Apart from traditional sites like ESPN, NFL, NBA and MLB sites that offered fans the chance to participate in fantasy games, new sites have also come up, fully dedicated to fantasy sports. One that has got every player talking is which offers upto date information about baseball, basketball, hockey and football to players and gives fans an opportunity to take part in fantasy various pools tailored to their satisfaction.

Fantasy sports is fast becoming the best way for fans to get closer to the sports action and stats seen above show that it is still growing.

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