Underrated Baseball Players of the Season

Underrated Baseball Players of the Season

There are a number of players who manage to prove themselves as highly productive in Major League Baseball when they have been underrated all along. From rookies to veterans, this season saw a number of underrated veterans outshine themselves. While not all of the players we mention here are stars or franchise players, they have managed to fly under the radar while being part of the more exciting seasons of MLB.

Arizona Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt

This young 25 year old first baseman was one of the most underrated players this season. Goldschmidt from Diamondbacks batted 286 with 20 homeruns, 18 stolen bases, 82 RBI as well as an on base percentage of .359. His fielding percentage too was clocked at .995. Goldschmidt was picked out from Texas State University and rose quickly through the minors to the majors with unbelievable numbers. He is a true five tool player, something that we don’t get to see in the game these days. If you ask us, he will soon rise to the ranks of Jason Kubel, Justin Upton, Aaron Hill and Cody Ross.

Cincinnati Reds’ Homer Bailey

2012 was Bailey’s breakout season where he made a record of 13 – 10 with 168 strikeouts and a 3.68 ERA. Not only that, he performed consistently through the season. Pitching his way to the first no hitter who happened to be one of the best, Bailey fanned 10 in only 115 pitches, bringing in a victory for the Reds.

Oakland Athletics’ Josh Reddick

Unless this 25 year old performed the way he did, we have our doubts about Athletics’ victory in this American League West. After getting his first chance with Oakland Athletics as a regular starter, Reddick shined unexpectedly batting 242 with 85 RBI and 32 homeruns. He didn’t just do wonders with his bat but he also won the Gold Glove as an outfielder. He is undoubtedly one of the rising stars in MLB.

Toronto Blue Jays’ Brandon Morrow

Even though he is mostly on the injured list, when healthy, Morrow proves to be a true asset for the Toronto Blue Jays. This 28 year old has gone 10 – 7 with 108 strikeouts and a 2.96 ERA. He also averaged six innings a start through three complete games. While playing against Tampa Bay, Baltimore, New York and Oakland that are considered to bethe best teams in baseball, Morrow’s performance can be referred to as nasty. The poor chap has suffered a number of injuries since he started playing in 2007 but his career high was seen in 2011 where he pitches 179 innings.

Milwaukee Brewers’ Norichika Aoki

Despite ending up as the fifth Rookie of the Year, this 31 year old Japanese player was highly underrated even in 2013. Norichika ended his rookie career with 10 homeruns, a .288 average, 50 RBI and an on base percentage of .355 after giving the Brewers 520 at bats. He seems to be a valuable asset to the team, especially after reporting only 3 mistakes and 30 stolen bases. This makes Norichika just short of being called a five tool player.

Pittsburg Pirates’ Wandy Rodriguez

This 33 year old Pittsburg Pirates player is perhaps the most underrated pitcher we have seen in the last ten years. Never having won a major MLB award, he has never even been voted into an All Star Game. You will be shocked to learn that in his last five seasons, Wandy Rodriguez posted a sub four ERA, managing a record more than 500 only once. For the most part of his career, he played with Houston who has to their credit some of the worst rosters we have seen in the last decade. In 2012 however, Rodriguez ended with a sub four ERA under 500 and was also tied for second place in the games while pitching 205 innings.

Seattle Mariners’ Jason Vargas

Vargas was so underrated that he was even traded for Kendrys Morales by Los Angeles Angels. In 2012, he was part of the Seattle Mariners who ended up with the most disappointing team batting averages in Major League Baseball’s history. With no backing whatsoever, Vargas still managed an ERA of 3.85 and 14 wins while playing in the tough offensive division.

San Francisco Giants’ Marco Scutaro

Scutaro is known to be one of the best fielders and most versatile players of baseball. He can play in a range of positions and plays them really well. After starting off in 2012 Scutaro was taken into his current team when they gave up a minor league infielder Charlie Culberson. Since then, Scutaro has played a beautiful second and third base having batted .362 with 22 RBI.