What to expect of A-Rod and Jeter



The New York Yankees are currently sitting behind the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox in the American League East standings. The team has played without many of the team’s biggest named stars including the captain Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. To go along with these two injuries the team has been without Curtis Granderson as well as first baseman Mark Teixeira for most of the 2013 MLB season as well.


Good news is on the horizon for the Yankees though with both of these players expected to be back in the lineup within the next month with A-rod starting a rehab assignment this week. Jeter is expected to start one a week or so after the all-star break depending on how his leg feels. As far as the team needing them it will be big for a team that has no solid third baseman or short stop on its current roster or in the minor leagues.

Derek Jeter is coming off a solid 2012 MLB season in which he led the league in hits with 216 while also hitting 15 home-runs and driving in 58 runs. Jeter also finished the season batting .316 with 99 runs scored and 32 doubles for the Yankees.

While Jeter is coming off a rebound MLB season A-Rod hit 18 home-runs while playing in 122 games for the Yankees in 2012. Rodriguez finished 2012 with 57 runs batted in to go along with 126 hits and a .272 batting average.

While the Yankees need both of these starts to live up to their current contracts the reality has set in that neither of these players are getting any younger. Jeter has slowly gotten worse in the field over the years while A-Rod has struggled the past few seasons. The team also has to worry about the current situation with Alex and the biogenesis steroid scandal that may get as many as 100 players suspended with thoughts of a 100 game suspension for Alex and fellow MLB player Ryan Braun.

The reality is the team will get better with Derek Jeter in the lineup and will give the team another solid run down the stretch. Look for him to play solid defense along with getting on base for a team with a true power hitter in the middle of the lineup. The truth is that the Yankees fans have to realize their once superstar shortstop is only average now. He will still contribute and bring veteran leadership to a club that needs it.

As far as Alex Rodriguez his best days are behind him as he just continues to get older and more news comes out about the steroid scandal. Look for A-rod to add a little pop to the lineup if he can stay healthy through his rehab. As far as being with the Yankee past this season it is highly doubtful as the team will try and get younger as well as get away from all the bad media attention.

The Yankees will get better with them in the lineup but it will not be enough to make a big push in the American League East!