3 Reasons To Get Excited About DFS Golf – Expanding Your DFS Horizons

FantasyDraft Golf is Live image 04-04-2017

With daily fantasy sports NFL football barely in the rear view mirror, NBA basketball in full playoff swing and MLB baseball just recently celebrating opening day its easy to lose sight of all your DFS options.  One daily fantasy sport that is often lost in the shuffle is daily fantasy sports PGA golf despite the fact that it is one of the fastest growing and most exciting DFS games available on the market.  A sport loved the world over with an appeal to almost every market and demographic PGA golf is an upcoming niche in daily fantasy sports that there is a lot to get excited about.  Usually four day events that cover all major events daily fantasy sports PGA golf is the perfect way to extend entertainment value and maximize monetary investments.  While the hustle and  bustle of NBA and MLB daily fantasy sports is hard not to get caught up in at this time of year 2017 is sure to be a huge year for PGA golf in the fantasy sports space and the following three reasons are proof of just this.  Lets take a look at three recent reasons we all should be getting very excited about the current PGA tour dates.

Daily Fantasy Sports PGA Golf Exciting Event #1 – FantasyDraft Golf “Driving Range” Freeroll
FantasyDraft PGA DRIVING RANGE INFO 04-04-2017

If you can not get excited about daily fantasy sports freerolls then its hard to imagine what can pump you up about sports and life.  With the chance to practice and play for free golf freerolls are an ideal way to begin learning about this newer form of DFS.  The price ($0) is too good to pass up anyways.  This is a great time to also remember just how valuable freerolls can be in DFS and sometimes it takes going to the newer sports to find the value and this is certainly the case here.  Also sometimes Freerolls give you the chance to win free money even though that is not the case here.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for a RotoGuys FantasyDraft account and take your seat  in an upcoming daily fantasy sports PGA golf tournament  today!

Daily Fantasy Sports PGA Golf Exciting Event #2 – FanDuel Launches Fantasy Golf Product

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When one of the largest daily fantasy sports providers in the world, FanDuel, announces that it will now be offering a DFS golf product how could one not get excited about this industry growth.  Now offering PGA golf daily fantasy sports contests for all types of bankrolls and buy in levels this is a premiere opportunity to try out a new DFS product platform.  Golf has finally found its way to FanDuel and the community response could not be happier.  Why not  grab your  RotoGuys FanDuel bonus sign up today and start hitting the  links.  Its a true hole in one when it comes to having fun!

Daily Fantasy Sports PGA Golf Exciting Event #3 – FantasyDraft $20,000 1st Major Tournament
FantasyDraft Golf 20K Masters Tour Card 04-04-2017

It appears the first Major tournament in golf this season is enough to brin out the big golf tournaments and that is certainly the case with the FantasyDraft $20,000 Masters Tour card tournament.  With only a $25 buy in entry, a $2000 to prize and a 25% total payout this one upcoming golf tournament you do not want to miss.  Its these huge exposure tournaments that can really bring about a lot of excitement to the industry and are really a fun watch regardless of if you are participating or not.  A new daily fantasy sports golf major tournament champion will be crowned this week in PGA golf on FantasyDraft and this is something that is simply too fantastic to ignore.  Why not grab a RotoGuys FantasyDraft sign up bonus today and begin the journey of trying your hand at fortune and fun!

When it comes to daily fantasy sports this time of year there is a lot to be jazzed about and PGA golf is certainly no exception.  If daily fantasy sports golf is currently not on your radar it might be time to make the change.  With so many exciting new opportunities its hard not get giddy at the thought of playing more DFS…  Its watching sports and competing with peers made fun again!