MLB News and Announcements On Opening Day

$200,000 Fan Duel 2015 World Baseball Championship in Dallas

As the the start of the 2015 baseball situation approaches there are plenty of exciting daily fantasy sports news announcements taking place throughout the DFS industry. An exciting time for daily fantasy sports enthusiasts the DFS offerings and experiences only seem to be getting better and better. Providing fans with an enhanced sporting experience, daily fantasy sports is really expanding into exciting new areas in the enjoyment of gaming. With so much going on we know it can be easy to miss some of the more rewarding DFS news announcements so we put together some of the best and most recent offerings for the community.

Top 3 Recent Daily Fantasy Sports Announcements:

News 1: $250,000 FantasyAces 2015 World Baseball Championship at Angel Stadium

FantasyAces 2015 MLB Championship

From the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles to the lights of the Las Vegas daily fantasy sports championships are the hot industry trend and does not disappoint with its most recent championship event announcement. The $250,000 FantasyAces 2015 World Baseball Championship will take place at Angel Stadium on August 14-15, 2015, with 20 qualifiers enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime on-field experience before competing in a live one-day final at the ballpark’s exclusive Ketel One Club for a $100,000 top prize. For the avid sports fan this is an amazing opportunity to not only get all the fame and glory that comes with attending daily fantasy sports championship events but a chance to actually take in the Major League Baseball experience from field level. Spaces are limited so daily fantasy sports players will want to try to qualify early and often. If you have never tried playing daily fantasy sports on FantasyAces before what better time then now to sign up and try to win the sports trip of a lifetime.

$250,000 FantasyAces 2015 World Baseball Championship Highlights

-$100,000 Top Prize

-20 Qualifiers for Live Final at Angel Stadium

-Includes 3-Day Luxury Vacation to Southern California

News 2: FantasyUp Debuts FUP Rewards

FantasyUp Debuts FUP Rewards

Another daily fantasy sports trend that seems to be gaining more attention is the focus on player rewards programs and FantasyUp is stepping up with their own point earning system and shop. Tiered in nature FantasyUp “FUPs” (points) are earned by playing real money games on the website. Daily fantasy sports players can save up their FUPs and use them to redeem prizes in the FantasyUp Store. Levels include Ball Boy (0 FUPs), Amateur (300 FUPs), Rookie (1,000 FUPs), Pro (5,000 FUPs), All-Star (25,000 FUPs), Hall Of Fame (100,000 FUPs) and players can earn as much as 25% rakeback at the highest level. Only currently offering game tickets and cash back its worthwhile to keep an eye on the store for new and exciting offerings. If you have never played daily fantasy sports on FantasyUp this is the perfect time to sign up and start earning some sweet rewards.

News 3: $200,000 FanDuel 2015 World Baseball Championship in Dallas & $750,000

FanDuel’s Playboy 2015 World Baseball Championship

Fanduel $750,000 Playboy 2015 World Baseball Championship

The signs that the baseball season is finally here for daily fantasy sports are shining loudly which means all the championship events are being released and FanDuel is taking this years event to Dallas Texas. Scheduled for May 15th and May 16th the first night of the FanDuel $200,000 Dallas Fantasy Baseball Championship will feature a night of professional baseball in an executive suite. The second night will consist of a 10-man live championship final with 1st place taking home a $60,000 first place purse. In addition to this event FanDuel also announced that they will also be continuing with their Playboy Mansion Championship traditions by running the $750,000 Playboy 2015 World Baseball Championship in Los Angeles California. For this tournament 70 lucky qualifiers will win a luxurious travel package, that includes airfare and hotel, and the chance to compete for the $100,000 1st place prize in one of the biggest fantasy baseball tournament events of the 2015 MLB season. If you are new to daily fantasy sports FanDuel is a great starting point to learn about the games and who knows you might be on your way to Texas or California before you know it.

There is no doubt daily fantasy sports is growing and expanding at a remarkable rate. Consistently offering bigger events and prize pools the industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Based on all the recent exciting daily fantasy sports announcements and news this 2015 Major League Baseball season is setting up to be the best yet. Its the perfect time to stay tuned and get in the games as often as possible as you never know what the next surprise on the horizon will be. Lots of fun to be had this year so be sure to sign up and start playing!