First Round NFL Fantasy Mock Draft

LeSean McCoy edges out a trio of running backs atop the 2014 NFL Fantasy mock draft. McCoy, who led all running backs in 2014 with 1,607 yards should have the opportunity to duplicate if not top his success from last season.

The Philadelphia Eagles running back added 52 catches for 539 yards and two touchdowns bringing his total touchdown number to 11. McCoy fits the style running back that Chip Kelly needs for his fast paced no huddle style offense. This allows the team the momentum of the game to play faster, giving the Eagles more offensive plays per game.

McCoy edges out Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte atop the 2014 NFL Fantasy Mock Draft. Here is a complete 12 team first round fantasy mock draft.

1. LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles added depth at the running back position this off-season adding Kenjon Barner and Darren Sproles but that doesn’t drop McCoy’s fantasy status.

2. Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs: Charles much like McCoy thrived in Andy Reids offense in  both the running and passing game. In 2014 Charles should see the same type of production, making him one of the best fantasy players in the NFL.

3. Matt Forte, Chicago Bears: The Bears running back has been one of the most consistent running backs in the NFL since entering he league in 2008. Forte has topped the 1,400 combined yards mark inall six seasons in the NFL.

4. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: Peterson had the chance to move up if the Vikings quarterback play looked improved in precision, but that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless Peterson has shown over the past few seasons, he can carry the team’s workload.  The only concern is the Peterson’s lack ofevolvement in the team’s passing game.

5. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions: The Lions added talent to the offensive side of the ball this off-season drafting Eric Ebron with the teams first pick and signed veteran receiver Golden Tate. Each of these directly benefit Johnson, who at times last season saw triple coverage. Now the Lions have the opportunity to run two tight ends that are very athletic, Reggie Bush, Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson all out in pass plays.

6. Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers: Lacy will look to top his rookie performance in 2014 for the Packers. The key benefit for the second year running back will be having Aaron Rodgers healthy and on he field for all 16 games.

7. Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints: Graham could go anywhere from this the seventh pick  to the mid second round but we have him at number seven overall. Graham is easily the best tight end in football and a red zone threat each time the Saints get inside the 20.

8. Marshawn Lynch, Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks running back is a force in the running game but we are concerned with the game plan the Seahawks might look to use him. Lynch is nearing the end of his contract and the team will start to look for his replacement.

9. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Before the backlash hits Peyton Manning had one of the greatest fantasy seasons of all-time last year, but no one can expect him to duplicate that in 2014. Brees however, has passed for over 5,000 yards in three straight seasons.

10. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: If everyone knew Manning would duplicate his success from 2014 he would sit atop all mock drafts. Concerns over the amount of hits he can take and the loss of Eric Decker could lower his production.

11. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos: Thomas has emerged as a Mannings main threat raising his stocks for 2014. Last season Thomas pulled in 14 touchdown grabs to go with 1,430 yards receiving during Mannings record breaking season.

12. Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins: All signs point Morris has another big season in 2014. Robert Griffin III is starting to look healthier, the team added DeSean Jackson to the receiving corps and the team brought in Jay Gruden to call the offense.  We should see a little more passing in this offense causing Morris stock to drop.