NBA Point Guards Under the Radar


Amid all the recent injuries to notable players such as Kemba Walker and Kobe Bryant, there a few players that you should consider picking up and taking a flier on. Without having Walker, Bryant and Rondo on their respective teams, they will definitely need someone or a combination of players to fill the void.

Kemba Walker is suspected to be out at least 6 weeks minimum, which is almost until the end of the season. Before Kemba got injured he was on a tear, carrying his team without the likes of Al Jefferson and Lance Stephenson active. For the season he was averaging 18.8 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 5.2 apg, and 1.4 steals. He was definitely able to help your team out when he was healthy, but now he is out for an extended period so there are players who may benefit.

With his absence, the Hornets have promoted Brian Roberts as their starting point guard. Roberts has been a backup point guard for the majority of his NBA career, but has filled in admirably when the starting point guards had fallen. Although he is having a rough start to his newly acquired starting position, he has an entire second half of the season to figure it out. Roberts shoots the 3-ball fairly well and shoots a high percentage for free throws. He won’t get you too many assists or rebounds, but he can provide a little bit of everything. The fact is, the Charlotte Hornets will need him to step up in a big way and usually when back up players get this opportunity, they take it like it’s their only chance to prove what they’ve got. Roberts should improve on his numbers as the season progresses so feel free to take a chance on him.



Kobe Bryant has also been diagnosed with a season ending injury, which serves a huge disappointment to all Lakers fans out there. Kobe would be the most critical of his current situation, but he definitely will be back next season. Knowing Kobe, he wouldn’t want to finish his career this way so he has a lot more he wants to prove. Now that Kobe is gone Byron Scott has now shifted the direction of this season to help the younger players develop. One player in particular who will see a huge boost in minutes and production is Jordan Clarkson.

Clarkson was considered a steal in the draft by Kobe himself and now he has the chance to show the league what he is capable of doing. Gifted with athletic attributes, Clarkson can put the pedal to the metal or sore for the emphatic dunk. Surprisingly, he also has a decent 3-point shot in his arsenal. Some key skills that he needs to work on is play-making, finishing at the rim and trimming down his turnovers. However, he is currently being mentored by one of the greatest to ever do it, Steve Nash. As the season progresses, Clarkson should improve in every facet of his game and could be a great sleeper pick this season. If you’re in need of a point guard who will get all the minutes he can eat, Clarkson is definitely the best bet right now.
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