NBA Trades And The Impact On Your Fantasy Basketball League


Out of every trade made in any sport there will always be a loser in the transaction. Not to say that they may have lost out on the trade, but certainly there are specific players whose value may take a hit from being traded. This article suggests players whom you should drop in case you still have them on your roster.

First on the list is K.J. McDaniels who has huge upside, but is no longer in the favorable situation that was the Philadelphia 76ers. After being traded to the Houston Rockets it’s difficult to imagine McDaniels cracking the rotation or getting significant amount of minutes to do some damage. His ability to defend and block shots is definitely welcomed in Houston, but he is buried behind Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, Corey Brewer, Terrence Jones and James Harden in the depth charts. There is very little room for McDaniels to navigate through so it is suggested that you drop him from all your teams. He won’t get much burn and it will take a couple injuries to notable players for him to get the opportunity. There are much better players in healthier situations that you can pick up once you drop him.

Another player who lost out on the trade is Mario Chalmers who will now become a backup guard for the Miami Heat. Dragic will without a doubt take the lion share of the minutes at point guard and Wade will definitely command 30+ minutes per game, which leaves Rio very little room to work with. Chalmers can be left on all waivers across the NBA Fantasy universe and you’re better picking up someone like Isaiah Canaan who has the chance to produce decent stats in Philly.

Enes Kanter should also see a huge decrease in production after being dealt to the OKC Thunder. He will be joining Ibaka, Adams, McGary and Collison in the frontcourt and could have a tough time sustaining his production from Utah. Kanter does have the chance to start for the Thunder, but even then, the big 3 of Ibaka, Westbrook and Thunder do most of the damage. Also, his lack of defensive prowess may hinder his chances of receiving enough minutes with Adams becoming a better rim protector. Kanter can be left on the waivers and you would be better off picking up someone like Zeller or Bass while Sullinger is out with a stress fracture.

D.J. Augustin is another new Thunder player who you may consider dropping. It is really sad to see how well he was playing in Detroit and then hear that he would be dealt to OKC where he will serve as the backup point guard to Westbrook. There is a slight chance that they play him and Westbrook together if they need more ball movement and better offense, but with KD on the team it’s difficult to imagine them needing that much offense. Augustin will probably receive minutes in the teens with the best case scenario of 20 minutes per game. These numbers aren’t enough for Augustin to give you the stats that you need from a point guard. As mentioned above, Isaiah Canaan is looking like a low risk, high reward type of player in case you want to drop Augustin.
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