Top 3 NBA Statistics When Building Winning Fantasy Basketball Lineups

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As daily fantasy sports have grown so to has the understanding on what it takes to build winning NBA DFS lineups.  While optimal statistics and lineup compositions were once a bit of a mystery in daily fantasy sports as more data is released so to is more of the overall picture.  Not in there infancy anymore daily fantasy sports have now had years to establish patterns and data points that reveal a greater insight into what information is valuable when it comes to creating NBA DFS lineups.  Even though still highly reliant on hard work, injury tracking and pre-game research and planning there are a few key numbers we should always be focusing on when it comes to trying to master the art of NBA daily fantasy sports lineup building.  Lets take a look at the top 3 key 2015 – 16 NBA daily fantasy statistics to focus on when trying to build winning DFS NBA lineups as we head into this new basketball season.

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Key 2015 – 2016 NBA Daily Fantasy Sports Stat To Watch #1: “Open Defensive Doors (ODD)”

Poor defense against specific positions is a concern for every team and should be a worry for you as an NBA daily fantasy sports lineup builder as well.  All NBA teams can have difficulty defending certain positions due to specific player matchups which allows for opportunity scoring in daily fantasy sports.  Knowing which teams play poor defense at which positions is vital to the NBA daily fantasy sports lineup building puzzle.  You will really want to focus on daily fantasy points allowed per position on a team level and then try to exploit that value as the situations call for it.

Key 2015 – 2016 NBA Daily Fantasy Sports Stat To Watch #2: “Floor Time (FT)”

It may be obvious that the more time spent on the court will equal more opportunities to accumulate daily fantasy sports.  While that is true we can dig a little deeper into this concept of “floor time” in hopes of improving our NBA daily fantasy sports proficiency overall.  Its also key to look at this not only on the basic level of more minutes means more opportunities will arise but to look at the players that receive minutes and touches.  There are lots of NBA players that play a fair amount of minutes but still are not optimal due to not being a central point to the offense.  Set your sights on those players whose minutes per game have meaning and those who will be targeted down the stretch if the game is close.

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Key 2015 – 2016 NBA Daily Fantasy Sports Stat To Watch #3: “Player Value Per Minute (PVP)”

When it comes to NBA daily fantasy court time it can be all about efficiency.  It is vital to consider and establish a prediction on how many daily fantasy points a given player pick will score per minute of action.  There are many methods and philosophies on how to track this with two of the more common choices being either establishing a points multiplier or utilizing the pre-calculated NBA Real Plus-Minus (RPM) numbers.  An example of using the multiplier is establishing a base of point rate of 6 daily fantasy points per every $1000 spent (i.e. a player who costs $3000 should generate 18 DFS points – DraftKings was used as a salary base for this example).  You can also go about similar calculations in the reverse order by dividing player price and average daily fantasy points scored to determine comparable players value per minute on a current case  by case basis.  Last you can also lean on a players NBA Real Plus-Minus (RPM) and WA stats to get a good general understanding of how well a player is maximizing his time on the basketball court.  Here you will want to choose a valuation system that works for you and to assure to match is not only correct but makes sense in terms of extrapolating player value per minute.

Regardless of what type of winning daily fantasy formula you want to deploy this 2015 – 2016 NBA season you will want all of the above NBA basketball statistics to be some part of the equation.  What are your favorite NBA daily fantasy sports statistics to track?  What do you feel is the most important part of creating winning daily fantasy sports NBA basketball lineups?  There can be a lot that goes into winning on any given night in NBA daily fantasy sports but putting some of the key numbers in our favor can only help our odds of coming out on top of the DFS NBA leaderboards.

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