Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers


Calvin Johnson lands at number one, but which other Fantasy football wide receivers rank in the top 10? Now before everyone jumps onto the bandwagon of Josh Gordon if he wins his appeal it takes more than one season to put you on top. Johnson has done this each year for the past five NFL seasons.

Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers 2014:

1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions: Johnson is a mismatch waiting to happen for any cornerback in the NFL which results in multiple double teams in the years past. We don’t expect to see much of this in 2014 with the addition of Golden Tate and Eric Ebron to the Lions offense.

2. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning may rely on Thomas a little more in 2014 with the loss of Eric Decker. Thomas is also entering the final year of his rookie contract giving him a little extra motivation to earn him an even larger next contract.

3. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys: Bryant finished with the third most touchdowns the past two seasons with 13 in 2013 and 12 in 2012. The 25 total touchdowns give him the most as a wide receiver and only tied with Jimmy Graham.

4. Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins: The Redskins will bounce back in 2014 under new head coach Jay Gruden. The addition of DeSean Jackson also gives the team another top caliber receiver to take off some of the coverage off of Garcon.

5. A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals:  Over the past two NFL seasons Green has pulled in 195 total catches for the Bengals.  Green is one of five NFL players to also pull in double digit touchdowns in each of the past two NFL seasons.

6. Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers: The debate over where Brown should go on this list could stem anywhere from pick number two  to this spot. Despite the excellent season from Brown last year we expect the Steelers to put the ball on the ground more in 2014.

7. Alshon Jeffery,  Chicago Bears: Coming off an 89 catch season for 1,421 yards we expect much of the same numbers but with double digits in touchdowns.

8. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons:  The Falcons will have Jones, Harry Douglas and Roddy White all in the receiving game in 2014. Jones showed in 2012 with his 10 touchdown season and nearly 1,200 yards when healthy, he is one of the games top fantasy receivers.

9. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears: Marshall is a king when it comes to ppr leagues as he has pulled in 218 receptions over the past two seasons. Now don’t let the reception full you he also pulls in a ton of yards with 2,803 over the past two seasons.

10. Andre Johnson, Houston Texans: Johnson pulls in the last spot over a very talented wide receiver class in 2014. We don’t know what to expect from Andre due to the situation at cornerback but it is hard to not imagine him producing now that he has a solid opposite receiver in Deandre Hopkins.

Honorable Mentions: Sammy Watkins, TY Hilton and Kendall Wright.
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