Top 5 NBA Sleepers as we enter Week 2 of the NBA season

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As we enter the second week of the 2014-2015 NBA season we have pinpointed 5 “sleepers” that can eventually help you achieve your first place status in your fantasy basketball leagues. Let’s wait no longer and identify the players we feel should be drafted in your leagues.

Brandon Knight:

Brandon Knight is a very underrated point guard in the NBA. He is currently on one of the worst teams in the NBA and has the chance to continue pouring in big numbers. Right now he is averaging 19.7 points 6.7 rebounds 9.0 assists 1.0 steal 2.0 3pters and 87.5% from the free throw line. Those are monster numbers for a point guard in any league. By no means is Knight considered an elite point guard, but if he continues at this pace, he should definitely be considered in the conversation. Don’t sleep on Brandon, he can definitely be your knight in shining armor.

Tony Wroten:

Tony Wroten is playing on one of the worst teams in the NBA without franchise player Michael Carter-Williams. After an awesome pre-season, Wroten is looking to take advantage of the situation ahead of him. Like Brandon Knight, Wroten is putting up solid numbers with 19.0 points 4.7 rebounds 7.7 assists 2.3 steals and 0.7 3pters. Although his free throw percentage is extremely low for a guard, Wroten makes up for it in a multitude of categories. Even when MCW comes back from injury, we expect Wroten to slide over to the #2 spot and put up good numbers. Roll the dice on Wroten while you still can.



Perry Jones:

Although the injury situation for OKC sucks, Jones has the best opportunity to showcase what he can really do. There is virtually no one on the roster to compete with at the moment, so Jones will get all he can handle. With averages of 19.3 points 4.7 rebounds 1.7 assists 0.7 steals 2.0 3pters and 70.6% from the line, Jones can definitely produce big numbers for someone not named KD or Westbrook. Look for Jones to continue making some noise for the Thunder as they wait for KD and Westbrook to return to the roster.

Alec Burks:

Many believe that Burks will have a breakout year this season with fellow teammate Derrick Favors. He is much known for his ability to blow by defenders and finish at the rim, but this year he is looking to take his game to a whole new level. Currently he is averaging 14.3 points 3.3 rebounds 2.3 assists 1.0 steals 1.3 3pters and shooting 92.9% from the line. These are more than modest numbers for a guard who can play both positions. It’s not very often that you can find a guard capable of putting up numbers all across the board. If you’re looking to Jazz it up a bit, Burks is the way to go.

Chris Copeland:

Copeland is playing on an injury riddled Pacer’s team and has the chance to prove that he can be of service to Indiana. With George, West, Watson and Hill out plus the departure of Turner and Stephenson, the Pacers need all the help they can get. Copeland is averaging 16.0 points 4.7 rebounds 2.7 assists 0.7 blocks 3.3 3pters and shoots 66.7% from the line. What makes Copeland so valuable is the ability to play both forward spots and shoot the ball from range. The 2.7 assists for a forward is an added bonus as well and with no one to contend for minutes at the moment, Copeland can easily keep up with these numbers. Look for Copeland to set the pace with modest numbers across the board.
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