NBA Preview for November 21-23

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For this upcoming weekend there are numerous games to keep in mind especially if you are looking to take your chances in daily fantasy tournaments and leagues. There are specific strategies that will give you an advantage against the opposition. Drafting players who are now in a better situation because of injuries to other players on their team is one way to take advantage of lower cost players, but one of the best ways to get players that will get you the most points is to choose players who are facing weaker opponents.

In this case, opponents such as the Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz and LA Lakers are all great teams to look out for. Not only are they terrible teams to begin with, but they also up a lot of points and having high opposing points as well. This means that these teams will generally have a high scoring game and allow more points than the average team.

Let’s take a look at some key matchups for this upcoming weekend. On Friday, the Suns are facing the 76ers, the Bucks against the Raptors, the Lakers against the Mavs and the Jazz against the warriors. These are the matchups that I would pick quite a few of the players. I might choose Dragic or Bledsoe if the price is right against the 76ers. I would also choose Lowry, Derozan, Knight and Parker in their matchup.

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Kobe, Hill, Lin and Boozer are decent choices against the Mavericks, but they might get blown out and the starters would end up sitting the 4th quarter. Kobe and Hill have been consistent with their play so they would be your best bets. For the Mavs, I would only choose Ellis and Chandler. The Jazz vs Warriors game could be a good one. They both have players who are capable of putting up big numbers. If you want to pay the big bucks then Curry, Thompson, Favors would be the guys to target here, but if you want to spend less then Burks, Green and Bogut are perfect to target.

Beyond these games on Friday, let’s not forget players who have been doing extremely well. Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah might get monster numbers if Rose and Gasol sit again, and Gibson might be a good target also. Harris and Vucevic have also been consistent with monster numbers and we all know about Anthony Davis who is just on a tear right now. Keep all these players in mind.

Lastly, the matchup of the Cavs vs the Wizards should be one to watch. Before the season even began, there was a big debate regarding who has the best backcourt in the NBA. Oddly enough, Beal and Waiters both suggest that they have the best backcourt combination in the league. This will definitely be a battle to keep an eye on as both of these backcourts could try to outdo the other. For the cheaper price, I would go with Beal on this one.

So for the same strategy, you should use it for both Saturday and Sunday. Carmelo Anthony will be facing the 76ers, Anthony Davis will be up against the Jazz, and the Kings will be facing the Timberwolves. This is an interesting matchup to watch and pick players from. Mo Williams and Kevin Martin could continue to with their strong play. Martin might be the better one to target since he is averaging more than 70 points in the last two games. Gay and Collison would be best to draft from the Kings if you’re not looking to pay the steep price tag of Cousins.

And finally for Sunday, there are definitely some key match ups to consider. The Clippers will be facing the Grizzlies who have been red hot. These two teams definitely do not like each other so it will be an all-out brawl for Western Conference supremacy. Marc Gasol has been killing it along with his partner Randolph. The ever so underrated point guard Conley should be a good one to gamble with. For the Clippers, the obvious big three of CP, Griffin and Jordan should look to dominate in this game.

The Nuggets will be facing the Lakers which should be an exciting game to watch. Denver is looking to turn things around with Lawson leading the bunch. Chandler and Mozgov are known to put up big stats from time to time. Kobe and Hill should have monster lines for this game. Kobe could easily drop 30 points against these Nuggets with a few rebounds, assists and a steal or two.

So that’s that. Always look for players who are in better situations. Whether they got more playing time because of an injury or because they got traded to a team where they would get more playing team, always keep that in mind. Don’t forget to exploit key match ups for the day as this is a crucial strategy in getting more out of your players. Fantasy basketball has a lot to do with luck, but a lot of skill is also involved. Do yourself a favor and start drafting like a pro. Follow these tactics now!

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